To revolutionize teaching in Computer Science we need to explore platforms of delivery that are exciting, interesting to study, and provide mechanisms for teaching abstract concepts in a practical, hands-on way. Robotics presents a practical platform on top of which we can deliver an education that addresses the central needs of CS and Engineering graduates of today and tomorrow.

Social Robotics looks beyond the purely physical or software engineering challenges, toward the variety of roles such robots can play in a modern society, the challenges of technology interacting with humans, and the ethical issues such interaction implies. By expanding the topic into these social areas, we hope to draw in students from beyond traditional Science and Technology backgrounds, and disseminate key CS education to students from non-CS majors.

We will hold four open workshops, to bring together stake-holders, students and industry to outline a program in Social Robotics. We are committed as a group to exploring the range of teaching practices and synergies amongst our existing courses, to discover and exploit a novel pedagogical approach to teaching fundamental CS principles through Social Robotics.

Our first workshop was an introduction to the grant, and an attempt to define Social Robotics. You can now download our first workshop summary document. The second workshop looked at a range of platforms, both hardware and software, that can be used to teach and explore Social Robotics. The third workshop brought together researchers and teachers from disciplines outside of computer science, who are interested in Social Robots.

You can now download a poster/handout of our program.