Welcome to the website of ROBOT-THON 2009. This event, at Schenectady Museum, was a showcase event for students from around the region working with robots. 

Friday 17th April

9:30 a.m. Arrive / Set-up

10:00 a.m. Welcome / NSF Program Overview

10:10 a.m. ROBOT-THON 2009 (K-12)

12:30 p.m. Lunch

1:30 p.m. ROBOT-THON Presentations

Featuring presentations about the use of robots in education for High School 
Undergraduate, and Graduate level courses, including presentations by 
current undergraduate and graduate students from RPI, Union College and 
SUNY Albany.

1:30 p.m. Josh Block, Horace Greeley High School, Chappaqua NY
2:00 p.m. Union College undergraduates
2.30 p.m. RPI undergraduates
3.00 p.m. UAlbany undergraduates

3:30 p.m. Break

3:45 pm RPI graduates
4:15pm Glenn Nickens (CMU)
4:45pm Dave Touretzky (CMU)

5:15 p.m. Discussion